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Time to throw out those zip ties you used to attach your flag to your whip and step up your style with our billet aluminum flag keepers. The design utilizes a bolt through the flag grommet for positive attachment and available in several size ranges to accommodate most whip sizes on the market! Package includes 2 clamp sets with stainless steel hardware and as always they’re available in Mill Finish Clear or Armor Black Cerakote.


  • 1/8” (.1250) to 5/16” (.3125) diameter whips (most steel and ATV whips)
  • 5/16” (.3125) to 1/2” (..5000) diameter whips (most CB and Firestick whips)
  • 1/2 (.5000) to 5/8” (.6250) diameter whips (most heavy duty SxS X-Large whips)
  • 7/8” (.8750) to 1” (1.00) diameter whips (most LED lighted whips)

Flag Keepers

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